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Free session contest!! Go to my facebook page or blogspot for more details. 

Free session contest!! Go to my facebook page or blogspot for more details. 

Beauty Collection Collage 

Beauty Collection Collage 

My Photographer Bucket List.

  • Get an Associates in Photography
  • Assist for a fashion photographer
  • Be featured in a Magazine 
  • Have a Photo Business 
  • Photograph a sunrise
  • Take a picture from the top of Eiffel Tower
  • Participate on a Photo Contest & Win
  • Do a gallery show (solo)
  • Make a collaboration with other Artist & Photographers
  • In every shoot take a Polaroid 
  • Fill 4 walls of Polaroid photos 
  • Photograph every day 
  • Shoot in Black & White Film for a year
  • take a picture of what I eat for a year (dinner)
  • climb half dome and take a picture of the sun going to down
  • try underwater photography & do a fashion session there
  • take a picture of a significant riot
  • Do a session in ground zero 
  • Go to the dessert and wait for the perfect clouds like Ansel Adams 
  • Go back to Teotihuacan, Mexico and re-shoot 
  • Do a portrait session of every family member 
  • Shoot a Documentary & a film with it
  • Meet Annie Leibovitz 
  • Meet new photographers & stay in contact
  • Have a Road Trip with photographers
  • Take a Picture in every state
  • Do a session in Africa, Europe, South America, and Australia
  • Get paid to travel & shoot
  • take a self portrait every year
  • Go to a Photog  Convention
  • Try to meet every fashion photographer that shoots for Vogue
  • shoot a wedding in beverly hills 
  • photograph for a good cause/charity 
  • shoot the pyramids in Egypt 
  •  have a job color correcting images/editing
  • make a magazine